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Medium format negative scanning service

What our customers are saying:

I've just had a look at one of the DVDs you made for me of my father's wartime journal. It's marvellous.


medium format going the way of the dodo

Medium Format - Going The Way Of The Dodo

Posted on: Thursday, 22 January 2015

Everything has its time in the limelight and may then go onto being improved upon or left by the wayside. But, like this DeLorean, there are people who enjoy the original and keep using it & allow others to enjoy it too.

A car is meant to be driven and not left to rust or be in a museum. It gives pleasure to the driver and passengers and, in this particular case, any passer-by who is able to see this icon of film history.

My daughter and I were out for a coffee and she noticed it asking "Is this what I think it is?". A gentleman passing by confirmed it having just taken a photo of the car and was highly delighted by seeing it.

Medium format negatives and transparencies are more likely to be used by professional photographers and enthusiasts thesedays due to the advent of digital photography being easier to use, store and view. How do you view medium format pictures? By holding them up to the light one by one or have a photograph printed.

If you are a professional or amateur photographer with a library of medium format negatives or transparencies or perhaps have inherited some from a relative, make your life easier by having them digitally scanned onto disc. Not only will it make viewing easier but you will have transformed this fragile image keeping it safe from damage or destruction.

Jane is married with one husband, one daughter and 4 springer spaniels at home. She has worked at PiciScan for a year and thinks that you are never too old to learn.

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