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Personal Picture

Posted on: Thursday, 04 June 2015

Since I got a new camera and did the night class on how to use it plus the good feedback I have received regarding my photographs I had this idea to try to take a photo good enough to be entered into the BBC Countryfile's annual competition. Living as I do on the edge of the Lake District there is no lack of opportunities or subject matter to be captured. I'd noticed this woodland last year with all the beautiful bluebells creating a lovely carpet but hubby was driving so No Stopping! I went back recently and took a load of images but regretfully I don't think "The One" was in there.

We all take photos and use the prints within our home as a record of family life, mainly pictures of one's family members. But think about all the other photos that you have taken - perhaps they could be used as decoration? Are you going to make over a room in your house, perhaps your teenage daughter needs an upgrade from the Telly Tubbies decor she currently has in her bedroom? Maybe you just can't find a picture that fits with or compliments the proposed colour scheme. I know my daughter found a lovey trio of stretched canvas prints but just needed some of the flowers to be coloured in with red - the accent colour she had chosed for her bedroom.

Have you a photo filed away, maybe still on your camera card, perhaps on a phone or efficiently filed away on your home PC that doesn't have someone in it but just of a lovely view, maybe has colours that will beautifully tone with the wallpaper or paint scheme. If you captured the image there must have been something about it that you liked and it will be so personal to you. Has your daughter got something on her phone that she would want up on her wall?

You could just have the photo printed as an enlargement but then you need a frame. Think about having it made into a stretched canvas print to decorate your home. Maybe you took a few shots all in the same place like I did in the bluebell wood - have them made into a triptych of prints.

Jane is married with one husband, one daughter and 4 springer spaniels at home. She has worked at PiciScan for a year and thinks that you are never too old to learn.

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