35mm Slide Scanning Service

35mm Slide Scanning Service

Save memories captured on 35mm slides forever by having them scanned to digital by PiciScan. Our slide scanning service can also restore faded colours.

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Displayed price is the charge for scanning a single 35mm slide

Know what you're ordering

Option Headline If you choose... ...your order changes...
Service Level Premium Using an airbrush, dust is carefully blown from both sides of each slide before being scanned. Perfect for a better quality archive or if you might want to print your slide scans later.
If your slides are mounted in glass, we will not dismantle them prior to scanning them. However we will gently wipe dust from the glass. The same applies if your 35mm slides are encased in transparent plastic.
Standard Slides will be scanned as they are. Fine for archiving on your home computer or sharing online.
Resolution DPI 2400dpi Turns a 35mm slide into a 7.4 megapixel digital photo that you could print at up to A4 in size (12" by 8") without loss of quality.
3200dpi Turns a 35mm slide into a 13.1 megapixel digital photo that you could print at up to A3 in size (16" by 12") without loss of quality.
4800dpi Turns a 35mm slide into a 29.4 megapixel digital photo that you could print at up to A2 in size (24" by 16") without loss of quality.
We'd recommend you select this resolution if you're sending 110 sized-slides or 35mm half-frame.
Rapid Service Yes Prioritises your order. An order of up to 500 slides will be processed within five working days of receipt. If your order is larger than this, we will still prioritise your order, and will provide you with an estimate for completion when we receive it.
No Your order will be processed when we can.
Qty The number of slides you want us to scan. If you've got hundreds, just provide an estimate: we'll either give you a refund if you've ordered too many, or send you an invoice if too few. A good rule of thumb is that a single 35mm slide weighs about 5g.

What this scanning service applies to

The heading for this scanning service is a little limited. With this scanning service, we will scan any positive transparency that, when mounted, fits into a frame roughly 5cm square. That size applies to: 35mm; 35mm half-frame; 126; 127 standard; 127 super; and 110 slides. If you're not sure what you've got, take a look at our handy guide to slide sizes. If your transparencies are unmounted, we can scan those as well.

Each box of slides you send us will be scanned into it's own folder on to disc. If you've been pretty organised with how you've kept your 35mm slides - by labelling each box, for example - we'll title each of these folders accordingly.

If there's important information, such as dates and locations, on the frames of your slides, why not ask us to keep this for you by using our scan labelling service? Otherwise, we will just scan the transparencies themselves and that information might be lost.

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