Up To A3 Photo Scanning Service

Up To A3 Photo Scanning Service

Keep your larger prints safe from future harm by having them scanned as digital photographs by PiciScan. Our large photo scanning service can also restore faded colours.

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Displayed price is the charge for scanning a single photo

Know what you're ordering

Option Headline If you choose... ...your order changes...
Service Level Premium Dust will be carefully wiped from each photo before being scanned. Perfect for a better quality archive or if you might want to print your photos later.
Standard Photos will be scanned as they are. Fine for archiving on your home computer or sharing online.
Resolution DPI 600dpi Turns an A3 sized print into a 66.3 megapixel digital photo that you could print at up to A1 in size (24" by 32") without loss of quality
1200dpi Turns an A3 sized print into a 265.1 megapixel digital photo that you could print at up to 2A0 in size (48" by 64") without loss of quality
Rapid Service Yes Prioritises your order. An order of up to 500 photos will be processed within five working days of receipt. If your order is larger than this, we will still prioritise your order, and will provide you with an estimate for completion when we receive it.
No Your order will be processed when we can
Qty The number of photos you want us to scan. If you've got hundreds, just provide an estimate: we'll either give you a refund if you've ordered too many, or send you an invoice if too few. A good rule of thumb is that a single A3 print weighs about 10-15g

What this scanning service applies to

We will scan any printed media that is up to A3 in size with this service. Marriage certificates, whole school photos, large greetings cards; we've scanned them all.

If there's important information, such as dates and places, on the reverse of your prints, why not ask us to scan this as well? You can do this by adding a note to your order. Otherwise, we will just scan the front.

Watch a short video to see how our photo scanning service operates

The equipment used in scanning up to A3 sized photos is different from that shown in the video. For up to A3 sized scanning, we use a dedicated, A3 scanner. However, the level of care and attention to detail is the same, no matter what we scan.