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Just to let you know...They are excellent and I am sure the rest of the family will be delighted.


Family Moments Can Benefit From A Slide Scanning Service

No matter how old we are, we all know the main role of our families is to embarrass us when we are around other people. It starts off with our parents, dropping us off at the school gates and giving us a big sloppy kiss in front of all our friends. Then we hit the teenage years and it just gets worse. Dad’s telling daughters how to dress, Mum’s trying to explain the birds and the bees and all we try to do is close our ears to the mortifying sound of their voices.

Then there is that one family member; we all have one, usually an Uncle, who wears the most outrageous outfits to every public event. Clashing colours and shocking patterns that should never be seen together, yet here they are. This person is usually also the one who carries out the ridiculous dance moves at a family wedding. Of course, they aren’t really like that, they are purposefully just doing it to humiliate us.

Most of us would agree that the worst situation is the first boyfriend or girlfriend meeting with the parents, oh yes, we all know how this one ends up. Out come the stories of when we were young, combined with the old photo albums, slide shows and holiday videos. The only saving grace we have is that we know our prospective partner’s parents will do exactly the same the first time we meet them.

Of course, the embarrassment doesn’t end when we become adults. Young toddlers and children have a great habit of causing a scene in the most inappropriate situations. Tantrums in the middle of the street, vomiting all over their nice clean outfit and saying unsuitable words very loudly and within earshot of the entire supermarket are all regular scenarios that us parents face.

Even when our children become teenagers and adults themselves it doesn’t end. Mood swings kick in which can make social gatherings awkward, and even worse than that, our beloved offspring then begin to remember moments of embarrassment involving us and freely tell anybody they come into contact with. Worst still, most of it is captured on a phone and posted online.

This means that as we get older it becomes our duty to do the embarrassing. However, with technology moving so fast it can be difficult to keep up. The younger generation use smart phones and digital photography to capture every moment and distribute it instantly, however when we dig out our old box from the loft we discover an array of dusty old slides that are often damaged or distorted from years of storage. This is where slide scanning services can save the day. These services provide digital copies of all our old favourites and restore them back to their original state. Keeping digital versions of old photos enables us to be ready and waiting to get our own back when the time comes.

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