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I've just had a look at one of the DVDs you made for me of my father's wartime journal. It's marvellous.


'Tis the Season for Slide Scanning

It's the most wonderful time of the year indeed. The time when we all search frantically for those precious decorations that we have collected over the years. You know the ones that look rather tatty, have definitely seen better days but we insist on getting them out on display each year, year after year. Why we do this is simply due to the fact that as a race, we are rather a sentimental bunch of people.

So off we go dusting off the tree and removing the selotape from the tinsel we hung on walls and picture frames the year before. We spend all day on this task and sure enough we end up with a glowing, bright and beautiful tree. Most of the decorations hanging off the green tree no doubt have many a tale that go with them. A tale to be told for each item that is also shared from generation to generation.

So as we go decorating our beloved tree, with our older generation family members eagerly watching us, almost as though they are making sure we hang these things correctly! An inspection on decorating a tree, have you ever heard of such a thing? So as we go politely smiling and hanging, it's usually at this time that our loved ones pick up one of those treasured balls and begin to spin the tale that comes with it.

After hearing such delights, we never forget them. So we start digging a little further into those dusty boxes that hold these little treasures, and sure enough we always end up coming across things we either never knew we had, or had totally forgotten and overlooked over the years. Usually because we’ve never had a need to use them or not appropriate for you Christmas decoration colour scheme you have going on.

So we dig a little further and it's at times like these that curiosity tends to get the best of us, as we find a little box with that well known elastic band wrapped around; the kind of box you know has been sat there for an eternity but never thought a need to open, until now. Sure enough a small box containing negatives and slides. They look quite old but you can still make the shape of the same old tree in them. Next step is get these scanned so you can make out these figures in full colour, so time to seek out some slide scanning services.

When your slides have been scanned, you can now rest assured that they are safe forever. So back to the lady who knows where everything goes on the tree. Slip a disc into the DVD player and watch the tears roll down. All those stories you were never quite convinced had actually happened, are there on the screen. Now she can show you examples of her excellent tree decorating skills and, sure enough, you have just made one little old lady a very happy little old lady.

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