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Memory DVD

What our customers are saying:

I've just had a look at one of the DVDs you made for me of my father's wartime journal. It's marvellous.


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pearl anniversary

Pearl Anniversary

Posted: 18 June 2015

Next year will be my husband's and my 30th Wedding Anniversary. Surprisingly he looked it up on the computer and informed me that it will be our Pearl! He then...

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personal picture

Our Customers

Posted: 04 June 2015

Since I got a new camera and did the night class on how to use it plus the good feedback I have received regarding my photographs I had this idea to try to take...

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black and white photos

Black And White Photos

Posted: 30 April 2015

Colour photos certainly have a vibrancy to them and we are so used to seeing them that when we come across black and white photos it can stop us in our tracks...

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black sheeep of the familys

Black Sheep of the Family

Posted: 16 April 2015

Have you been doing some research into your family tree and have come across a relative who was the black sheep of the family? No doubt that your interest has been piqued...

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holiday memories

Holiday Memories

Posted: 26 March 2015

Seeing a picture of a Scrabble board reminds me of a wonderful caravan holiday during my childhood with my parents and older sister. It was down in St. Ives and…

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a walk in the woods

A Walk In The Woods

Posted: 05 March 2015

Perhaps the crisp weather drove you outside to enjoy a walk in the woods recently and you took your camera or phone with you. There must have been many...

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family tree

Family Tree

Posted: 29 January 2015

Researching into your family tree is generally something that people get interested in as they mature. Perhaps the spark ignited after the loss of an

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remembering grandad

Remembering Grandad

Posted: 20 Nov 2014

Recently my daughter said to me that she had always been a bit afraid of my father when she was a small child and regrets not being able to know him now that

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The Latest From our Scanning Blog

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Posted: 14 December 2015

It’s nearly the time of year to be going up into the loft and bringing down all the Christmas decorations, locating the tree and seeing if those lights from last year still work, or if you need to buy any more...

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The Latest From our Web Design Blog

Box Sizing: Border-Box

Box Sizing: Border-Box

Posted: 24 March 2016

I first came across box-sizing: border-box when it cropped up in a temporary colleague's CSS. I found it pretty annoying when I picked up work that he'd started as it seemed to get in the way. This was because, as I said in a previous post on margin ...

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