Terms And Conditions

Ordering and Payment

Orders can be placed online and paid for in advance. You can pay by debit or credit card and PayPal. We do not accept American Express. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

Or, materials for scanning may be sent to us and we will invoice you on completion. You can pay by debit or credit card, cheque, or direct transfer.

Or, materials for scanning may be brought to us at the office at Suite 2 Sand Aire House Offices, New Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4UJ. Here, you can pay by debit or credit card, cheque, or cash.

In all cases payment must be received in full before your materials for scanning will be returned.

If sending your materials for scanning to us we recommend the use of our Home Collection Service. This is the most secure method of sending your items to us. Alternatively, we recommend the use of Royal Mail Special Delivery. In either case, all materials for scanning should be packaged securely. PiciScan cannot accept responsibility for damage occurring to your materials for scanning during transit.

In some cases, materials for scanning will need to be repaired before they are scanned, for which a charge will be levied. We will notify you of this before scanning commences and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to continue with your order.

We aim to turn around small orders (up to 200 scans) in five working days, but do not guarantee this. Larger orders will take longer.

Minimum Order Size

For all scanning orders, there is a minimum order size. This amounts to roughly £15 and is calculated on a per service basis. The table below outlines the minimum order size for all of our scanning services.

Scanning ServiceMin Qty
Photo Scanning 60
Slide Scanning 40
Negative Scanning 30
Medium Format Scanning 20
Large Photo Scanning 15

Delivery or Collection

Delivery back to you will be made by the courier service provided by APC-Overnight. This is free on all orders to the UK, where the order comes to more than £100. If you choose to have your order returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery, then you will be charged according to a sliding scale.

You may also collect your materials for scanning and DVD or USB stick from us in person. There is no discount applied if you choose to do this.

We will contact you to let you know when your order is ready for return/collection and will make arrangements with you for this to occur.

Payment must be received in full before items may be collected or returned.


Photos are scanned at 600 dpi and are saved as jpeg files. 35mm slides and negatives are scanned at 2400 dpi and saved as jpeg files. Medium format slides and negatives are scanned at 1200 dpi and saved as jpegs. If you require a larger resolution, just let us know. Larger resolutions are charged accordingly: double the standard equals double the price, etc. Should you require tiff files instead, just let us know. There is no extra charge for this.

All scans are cropped, de-skewed and colour-corrected. Only one side of each photo is scanned.

Prices for the scanning of negatives apply to each image/frame.

Rapid Scanning Service

We offer a rapid scanning service which includes up to 2000 scans in 5 working days.The 5 working days is measured from when they arrive with us to when they are ready to be shipped or collected from us.

The price for rapid scanning varies according to the scanning service and the size/quantity of the order.

End Product

Once scanning is completed, we will create a DVD or USB stick containing your scanned images. Large orders may require further discs or sticks. The disc or stick is then delivered to you, or collected by you, together with your original materials for scanning.


By using the service, customers confirm that they have permission from the copyright holder, usually the person who took the photo, to have the images scanned or duplicated. Customers also confirm that any and all material complies with UK law.

In the event of damage/loss while materials for scanning are in the possession of PiciScan, the maximum liability will be to the extent of £250 per order. PiciScan will not be held liable for any loss or damage sustained while in the care of a postal or courier service.

Obscene Images

We have a duty of care to those who work for us and alongside us. For this reason, we will return a whole order unscanned if it contains images that would cause offence. If an image is found to depict anything illegal, such as child sexual abuse, we will be holding the photos here and reporting the issue to the relevant authorities.

Company Details

PiciScan is a trading name of Web By Numbers Ltd, Suite 2 Sand Aire House Offices, New Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4UJ.

VAT No. GB 556 1019 57

Company Registration No. 2622677