Printed Media Identification

We don't just scan photos

Photos up to A4

Photo ScanningThis is pretty straightforward. If it's a photo and it's smaller than A4, then we would scan it under this service. But we don't just scan photos. We've scanned driving licenses, receipts, birth certificates, passports, newspaper articles ... basically any type of printed material that is up to A4 in size comes under this service.

You probably know roughly what size an A4 sheet of paper is. But if you're not sure, it's 21cm wide by about 30cm long. Or, if you prefer feet and inches, around 8" by 12".

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Photos up to A3

Large Photo ScanningAgain, fairly straightforward. If it's printed and is between A4 and A3 (around 42cm x 30cm, or 16" x 12") in size, we'd be scanning it under this service. Previous orders have seen us scanning original works of art, greetings cards and marriage certificates.

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Printed Media Scanning of any Size

Although we can't scan anything larger than A3 in size here, we know peope who can. If you're looking to have something that's up to A0 in size - that's a colossal 33" by 47" or 84cm x 120cm - we can either arrange to have it scanned for you, or put you directly in touch with those who'd carry the service out for us.