Photo Restoration

Rescue what you though was lost

The professional photo restoration service from PiciScan can restore treasured memories

Sometimes a photo will have become damaged: accidentally torn, faded through age or become wet. Similar things can happen to any slide, negative or medium format transparency. Whatever analogue format you captured your memories in we can help you relive the moment.

How photo restoration works

It's a pretty straightforward, five-step process. Why not get started today?

Take a photo of what's been damaged

Taking a photo of the damaged photo

You can use your phone or any digital camera for this. The resolution doesn't have to be particularly high. This is just for us to have a look at for now.

Email us your photo

Emailing us your photo

At the same time, let us know what you'd like us to do. For example: remove all the blemishes; or, repair and remove everyone except for a specific person.

We provide a quote

Examining your emailed photo

Having examined your emailed photo, we will work out how long we think it will take us to carry out the requested work on your damaged photo, slide or negative, and email you a quote. This will be based on our hourly rate of £18/hr for this work.

If you're happy with our quote, great! We request that you pay for the photo restoration service in advance.

For some idea of what your quote might be, take a look at these examples of photo restoration work we've carried out previously.

Send us what you'd like to be repaired

hand delivering your scanned photo

Make sure you package your photo, slide, negative or medium format transparency extremely carefully (we'd recommend sealing it between two sheets of cardboard before sending in an appropriately sized envelope) to our address. If you're nearby, you could bring it in yourself.

We get to work

Repairing the scanned photo

We will scan your damaged photo, slide or negative at at least double the usual resolution and return it to you in its current condition. We will then repair the scanned image - now a digital photo - removing tears, fixing colour ... whatever you've asked us to do.

Once work has been completed, the restored scan will be saved to a memory stick or DVD. If you've asked for it, a print will also be provided. Everything, including whatever you sent us originally will then be returned to you, leaving you free to enjoy your restored photograph for generations to come.