We Don't Leave Safety to Chance

From start to finish, your memories are safe with PiciScan.

What starts in Kendal, stays in Kendal

Sand Aire House

PiciScan is based in Kendal, the Gateway to the Lake District. Our offices are on the first floor of the Georgian part of the Grade II listed, Sand Aire House, a building that has survived two World Wars and the ravages of floods.

While your memories are our responsibility, they do not leave this building. All photos, slides, negatives, medium format transparencies, video tapes, LPs and audio cassettes that you either send in or drop in yourself are digitised right here, in Kendal.

Our scanners keep your memories safe

V700 Flatbed Scanner

The scanners we use for digitising are flatbed scanners, keeping your memories as safe as possible. No moving parts of any scanner comes into content with any part of your memories. Every memory is handled with careful, gloved hands.

We are so cofident that your memories will be delivered back to you in the same state - or sometimes even better - that they arrive, that if we should cause any damage to any of your memories, you can claim up to £250 from us. This offer has been in place since PiciScan was first established in 2010: to date, not one person has claimed against this guarantee.

Returning your memories safely

Once we have completed your order, if we are dispatching them back to you, your memories will not leave here until we have first checked with you when and where would be convenient for you to receive them. For this, we tend to use either APC-Overnight, or Royal Mail Special Delivery.

An in-house archive

On Site Backup

Even after your order has been completed, your memories are in safe hands. We keep a copy of your memories on our system, one that we can make available to you at any time. In fact, in some cases, we have been able to share copies of customers' memories with them, four years after they were first scanned.